Current Projects

CBEL- Ehancing Intra-Operative Decisions - Decision Making Problems
(Case-Based e-Learning for Veterinary School)


We propose to develop an innovative, technology-based, pedagogical system to assist veterinary students in making dynamic, intra-operative decisions - especially decisions with more than one solution. This is a hard concept and one many students do not master before graduation. We, four faculty members in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery and Case-based e-learning team, will use a combination of problem based learning, expert opinion/experience, and on-demand didactics to develop interactive learning modules for several operative scenarios. The impact will be broad as it will also serve as continuing education for interns, residents, and practicing veterinarians.

SME: Schmiedt, C. W.,Creevy, K. T.,Cornell, K. C.,Radlinksy, M. A. Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, UGA


CBL-Engineering Design Project -- Design Problems
(Case-Based e-Learning for Engineering Design)


This innovation will help future engineers experience real-world design problems, understand the complex and context-bounded nature of engineering problem-solving, build justification/argumentation skills, and critically evaluate and reflect upon their design process, thus preparing them to be engineers within today's increasingly connected, global landscape. The innovation will be developed based on the construct of personal epistemology that, we believe, influences performance and learning in solving engineering design problems. To promote the development of students' epistemology, we will focus on open-mindedness, justification/argumentation skills, and reflective thinking.

SME: Dr. Nadia Kellam and Dr. David Gattie
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engieering, UGA




CBL-CMPS Project - Dilemma Problems
(Case-Based e-Learning for Classroom Management Problem Solving Project)




Teaching is a profession that requires ethical and intellectual responsibility and subtle judgment. Helping future teachers to understand the complexity and ambiguity involved in daily practices and to develop professional views of various issues regarding education is critical to teacher education. This project identifies the nature of dilemma problems and finds ways of enhancing students' ill-structured problem solving abilities in a case-based e-learning environment by promoting the development of their epistemic beliefs, critical thinking, and justification skills. (More Info)

SME: Dr. Kyunghwa Lee, Department of Elementary & Social Studies Education, UGA



CBL-Anesthesiology Project - Dynamic Decision-Making Problems
(Case-Based e-Learning for Anesthesiology)

The anesthetization process is a complex and high-risk task in which critical decisions need to be made in a timely manner during dynamically changing situations. Instructors in this course are often challenged by the fact that a great amount of information needs to be delivered to the students within a very limited time. This project aims to identify the nature of dynamic/naturalistic decision-making processes and to find ways of facilitating decision-making skills in a dynamic situation through a case-based e-learning environment. This learning environment is designed to facilitate the integration of three essential kinds of knowledge for solving real-world problems simultaneously--situational knowledge, strategic knowledge and content knowledge.

SME: Dr. Jeongwan Kang, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Yonsei University College of Dentistry, South Korea



CBL-MDPS Project - Multi-disciplinaryProblems

Engineering is a practical art learned from scientific knowledge, mathematical logic and applied experience to design and create under constrains. A recent UGA Engineering Think Tank identified three characteristics for profiling a future UGA engineer: 1) technical excellence in science, mathematics, analysis and synthesis; 2) innovative curiosity for creative adaptation from learning, unlearning and relearning; and 3) humanistic consciousness grounded in humanities, arts and social sciences. In this project, we identify the unique nature of multi-disciplinary problems, and we develop and implement a case-based learning environment in order to enhance future engineers' scientific, innovative, adaptive, and ethical problem solving abilities.

SME: Dr. Guigen Zhang, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UGA


CBL-Orthopedic Surgery Project - Dynamic Deicison and Design Problems

Helping future veterinarians understand the complex and dynamic nature of veterinary medicine and effectively exercise their judgment based on analytical and reflective thinking is a critical mission in veterinary education. In this project, we develop and implement a case-based e-learning environment through which future veterinarians are exposed to various small animal orthopedic surgery cases and how experts think and react to the cases. This innovative training will enhance prospective veterinarians' reasoning and dynamic decision-making skills along with their awareness of multiple perspectives and diverse ways of problem solving.

SME: Dr. Dennis Aron, Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, UGA